Prester John

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Genres: Adventure
Language: English
Type: Digital

Prester John is a classic adventure novel by John Buchan, published in 1910. It is the first book in the Richard Hannay series, and follows the titular character as he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy to assassinate a foreign minister.

Hannay is a young Scottish man who is living in London. He is approached by a mysterious stranger who tells him that a foreign minister is in danger of being assassinated. Hannay dismisses the stranger's claims as nonsense, but when he is later attacked by a group of men, he realizes that there is more to the story than he thought.

Hannay goes on the run, and he is pursued by the assassins. He travels to Scotland, where he seeks help from his friends and family. But the assassins are relentless, and Hannay must use all of his cunning and courage to stay one step ahead of them.

Along the way, Hannay uncovers a plot to overthrow the British government. He also learns that the assassins are working for a powerful enemy who is determined to destabilize Europe. Hannay must stop the assassination and thwart the plot to overthrow the government before it's too late.

Prester John is a thrilling adventure novel that is full of action, suspense, and intrigue. It is a must-read for fans of John Buchan and Richard Hannay.

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