John Buchan

John Buchan

John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir (1875-1940), was a Scottish novelist, historian, and Unionist politician who served as Governor General of Canada. He is best known for his adventure novels, including The Thirty-Nine Steps and Greenmantle.

Buchan was born in Perth, Scotland, to a wealthy family. He was educated at Fettes College and Oxford University. After graduating from Oxford, he worked as a journalist and then as a private secretary to Lord Milner, the High Commissioner for South Africa.

In 1901, Buchan published his first novel, Prester John. The novel was a success, and Buchan launched a career as a writer. He went on to write over 60 books, including novels, biographies, and histories.

Buchan's novels are known for their fast-paced plots, exciting adventure sequences, and colorful characters. His most famous novels are The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915) and Greenmantle (1916). The Thirty-Nine Steps is a spy thriller about a man who is hunted by German spies. Greenmantle is a story about a British agent who is sent to stop a German plot to overthrow the British Empire.

Buchan's novels have been adapted into numerous films and television series. The Thirty-Nine Steps has been adapted into four films, including a 1935 version directed by Alfred Hitchcock and a 1978 version directed by Don Siegel. Greenmantle has been adapted into two films, including a 1919 version and a 1942 version.

Buchan was also a successful historian. He wrote a number of books about British history, including The History of the Great War (1921-1923) and The Montrose Saga (1926). He also wrote a number of biographies, including Alfred, Lord Milner (1930) and Sir Walter Scott (1932).

Buchan was a member of the Unionist Party and served in the House of Commons from 1911 to 1918. He was appointed Governor General of Canada in 1935 and served until his death in 1940.

Buchan was a prolific writer and produced a wide range of work. His novels are still popular today, and he is considered one of the most important Scottish writers of the 20th century. His work continues to inspire and entertain readers around the world.

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