Ancient Egypt

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Genres: Children's History
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Language: English
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Ancient Egypt by Arthur Gilman and George Rawlinson is likely titled The Story of Ancient Egypt based on available information. Here's a possible summary of the book:

Focus on History and Culture

  • The book likely delves into the rich history of Ancient Egypt, covering a vast timeframe from its earliest beginnings to its decline.
  • It might explore the rise and fall of dynasties, the reigns of prominent pharaohs, and significant historical events.

Beyond History

  • While history is a central theme, the book probably goes beyond just dates and battles.
  • It might explore aspects of Egyptian culture, including art, architecture, literature, religion, and daily life of the people.
  • The authors might shed light on the Egyptians' social hierarchy, advancements in science and technology, and their unique belief systems.

Potential Influences

  • Considering the authors' backgrounds, The Story of Ancient Egypt could be influenced by:
    • Arthur Gilman's scholarly approach, providing a detailed and accurate picture of the civilization.
    • George Rawlinson's expertise in Assyriology, potentially drawing comparisons between Egypt and other ancient Mesopotamian cultures.

Overall Tone

  • The book is likely written in an informative and engaging style, aiming to educate readers about the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt.


  • This summary is based on the common themes found in books about Ancient Egypt and the authors' expertise.
  • Without access to the specific content of the book, details about the specific approach and focus cannot be confirmed.


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