Native Life in South Africa

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Genres: Africa
Language: English
Type: Digital

Title: Native Life in South Africa

Author: Sol Plaatje

Publication Date: 1916

Subject: Nonfiction, History, Politics, Africa

South Africa, Native Life, Colonialism, Land Act, Discrimination, Segregation

Native Life in South Africa is a non-fiction book by Sol Plaatje, a South African journalist and political activist. The book was first published in 1916, and it is a powerful indictment of British colonialism and the discriminatory Land Act of 1913, which restricted black South Africans' ownership of land.

Plaatje begins the book by tracing the history of British colonialism in South Africa, and he argues that the Land Act was a culmination of decades of policies aimed at dispossessing black South Africans of their land and rights. He then goes on to describe the devastating impact of the Land Act on black South Africans, who were forced to live in overcrowded and impoverished reserves.

Plaatje's book is a passionate and eloquent plea for justice for black South Africans. It is also a valuable historical document that provides insights into the early days of the anti-apartheid struggle.

Native Life in South Africa is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of South Africa, colonialism, or the anti-apartheid struggle. Sol Plaatje's powerful and eloquent indictment of British colonialism and the Land Act of 1913 is still relevant today.


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