How I Found Livingstone

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Genres: Africa
Language: English
Type: Digital

Title: How I Found Livingstone: Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa

Author: Henry M. Stanley

Publication Date: 1872

Subject: Travel, Exploration, Africa

Livingstone, Stanley, Africa, Travel, Exploration, Discovery

How I Found Livingstone is a memoir by Henry M. Stanley, a journalist and explorer who was hired by the New York Herald in 1869 to lead an expedition to find David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary and explorer who had been missing in Central Africa for several years.

Stanley's journey was arduous and dangerous, but he eventually succeeded in finding Livingstone in the town of Ujiji in November 1871. Stanley's book recounts his adventures in detail, and it provides a valuable account of Central Africa during this period.

How I Found Livingstone is a classic of travel literature and exploration. It is also a fascinating story of human perseverance and determination.

How I Found Livingstone is a must-read for anyone interested in travel, exploration, or African history. Stanley's firsthand account of his journey to find David Livingstone is both thrilling and informative.

If you're interested in learning more about Central Africa in the late 19th century, How I Found Livingstone is a great place to start. The book provides a unique perspective on this region during this fascinating period in history.


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