First Footsteps in East Africa

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Genres: Africa
Language: English
Type: Digital

Title: First Footsteps in East Africa

Author: Sir Richard Francis Burton

Publication Date: 1856

Subject: Travel, Exploration, Africa

Richard Francis Burton, East Africa, Exploration, Somalia, Harar

First Footsteps in East Africa is a travel narrative by Sir Richard Francis Burton, one of the most famous explorers of the Victorian era. In 1854, Burton set out on an expedition to explore the interior of Somalia, a region that was largely unknown to Europeans at the time. Burton was particularly interested in visiting the city of Harar, which was known as a forbidden city because non-Muslims were not allowed to enter.

After a difficult and dangerous journey, Burton and his companions finally reached Harar. Burton spent several months in the city, where he learned about its culture, history, and religion. He also collected valuable information about the geography of the region and the headwaters of the Nile River.

First Footsteps in East Africa is a fascinating account of Burton's travels. Burton was a keen observer of people and places, and his writing is full of interesting details about the people and cultures of Somalia. The book is also a valuable source of information about the region's geography and history.

First Footsteps in East Africa is a must-read for anyone interested in travel, exploration, or African history. Sir Richard Francis Burton's firsthand account of his travels provides valuable insights into the interior of Somalia in the mid-19th


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