Tarzan the Terrible

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Genres: Adventure
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Tarzan the Terrible is a thrilling adventure novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, published in 1921. It is the eighth book in the Tarzan series, and follows the Lord of the Jungle as he searches for his kidnapped wife, Jane.

Tarzan's search leads him to a hidden valley in Africa known as Pal-ul-don, where he discovers a lost civilization of ape-men. Tarzan is captured and taken captive by the ape-men, but he soon impresses them with his strength and cunning, and they eventually give him the name "Tarzan-Jad-Guru", which means "Tarzan the Terrible".

In Pal-ul-don, Tarzan learns that Jane is being held captive by a group of ivory poachers. He also learns that the ape-men are in danger of being wiped out by a disease brought in by the poachers. Tarzan vows to save both the ape-men and Jane, and he sets out on a perilous journey to defeat the poachers and rescue his wife.

Along the way, Tarzan faces many challenges, including dinosaurs, hostile tribes, and treacherous terrain. But he is always up for a challenge, and he uses his intelligence, strength, and jungle skills to overcome every obstacle in his path.

Tarzan the Terrible is a classic adventure novel that is full of action, suspense, and exotic locales. It is a must-read for fans of Tarzan and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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