The Golden Road

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The Golden Road by L. M. Montgomery: A Summary

Genre: Children's literature, coming-of-age

Setting: Rural Canada, early 20th century


  • Beverley King: The narrator, looking back on his childhood years.
  • Felicity King: Beverley's adventurous and independent sister.
  • Cecily King: Beverley's artistic and sensitive cousin.
  • Dan King: Beverley's younger brother.
  • Sara Stanley: The "Story Girl," known for her captivating storytelling.
  • *Peter: A hired boy on the farm, secretly admired by Felicity.
  • Sara Ray: A neighbor girl, contrasting Cecily's introspective nature.


The story revolves around the King children and their friends during a long winter. Seeking to brighten their days, they embark on various adventures and creative projects. They start a magazine called "Our Magazine," featuring stories, poems, and local gossip. They organize games, theatrical performances, and even attempt to write a novel.

Through these activities, the characters experience joys, challenges, and moments of self-discovery. They grapple with growing up, facing loss, and navigating their relationships with each other. The "Golden Road" symbolizes the carefree and imaginative period of childhood, contrasted with the looming realities of adulthood.


  • Friendship and family bonds
  • The power of imagination and storytelling
  • The joys and challenges of childhood
  • Coming-of-age and facing new responsibilities
  • Loss and coping with change
  • The bittersweet nature of memories

Additional notes:

  • The story is told through flashbacks narrated by Beverley as an adult.
  • The book is known for its charming atmosphere, vivid characters, and nostalgic portrayal of childhood.
  • It is the sequel to another L. M. Montgomery novel, "The Story Girl," featuring the same characters.


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