The Golden Dog

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Genres: canada
Language: english
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The Golden Dog, subtitled "A Novel of Old Quebec," delves into historical romance set in 1748, amidst the fading French presence in North America. Don't be fooled by the title, as the story doesn't revolve around a canine; instead, "The Golden Dog" refers to a trading post in 18th-century French Canada.


The narrative begins with love, happiness, and romance blossoming between René de Courval, a young nobleman, and Angélique des Meloises, a beautiful and captivating woman. However, their idyllic existence is soon shattered by betrayal, murder, and treachery.

Key points:

  • Setting: 1748 Quebec, offering a glimpse into New France's waning power.
  • Characters:
    • René de Courval: A young nobleman caught in a web of deceit and danger.
    • Angélique des Meloises: A beautiful woman entangled in a complex past and hidden secrets.
    • Other characters: Merchants, soldiers, and historical figures contribute to the rich tapestry of the story.
  • Themes: Love, betrayal, revenge, historical conflict, social class, and the fight for survival.
  • Genre: Historical Romance, with elements of suspense and mystery.

Additional notes:

  • The novel is known for its detailed historical setting and complex characters.
  • It faced a long and complicated journey to publication, with the author receiving minimal compensation.
  • While romance plays a role, the story delves deeper into themes of intrigue and historical struggle.


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