Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

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Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock: A Summary

Setting: Mariposa, a fictional small town in Canada, bathed in the "sunshine of the land of hope."

Genre: Humorous sketches that gently satirize the lives and eccentricities of small-town characters.


  • The Townspeople: A colorful cast, including boastful businessmen, gossiping housewives, ambitious politicians, and well-meaning yet bumbling citizens. Some recurring names are Mr. Smith, the bank manager, and Widow McGillicuddy.
  • The Narrator: An unnamed observer who introduces and comments on the townspeople with a humorous and insightful voice.


There is no single plot, but rather a series of interconnected sketches focusing on various aspects of Mariposa life. Examples include:

  • Town rivalries: The annual baseball game between Mariposa and neighboring Jericho leads to hilarious chaos.
  • Social gatherings: The Ladies' Aid Society meeting descends into gossip and competitive cake-baking.
  • Political campaigns: The bumbling Alderman Potts faces off against the ambitious Mr. Spooner in a humorous election.
  • Small-town dreams: Characters chase after get-rich-quick schemes or yearn for escape to the big city.


  • Community and its quirks: Leacock celebrates the small-town spirit while gently poking fun at its limitations and eccentricities.
  • Human nature: The sketches explore universal themes like ambition, gossip, social climbing, and the pursuit of happiness, with a humorous touch.
  • Canadian identity: While published in 1912, the sketches offer timeless insights into the Canadian small-town experience.


"Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town" is a charming and humorous portrayal of small-town life. Leacock's wit and observational skills create an enduring picture of Mariposa and its residents, prompting both laughter and reflection on the human condition.


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