Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 by L. M. Montgomery

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Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908" is a collection featuring diverse narratives showcasing the author's signature style: heartwarming characters, charming rural settings, and themes of love, family, and personal growth.

Themes and recurring elements:

  • Romance: Many stories explore love and relationships, from heartwarming romances to challenges and sacrifices. Examples include "Anna's Love Letters," "The Millionaire's Proposal," and "The Doctor's Sweetheart."
  • Rural life: The idyllic settings of Prince Edward Island and other rural communities come alive with vivid descriptions. Stories like "Four Winds" and "Aunt Susanna's Thanksgiving Dinner" capture the warmth and challenges of country living.
  • Coming-of-age: Several stories depict characters navigating young adulthood, confronting societal expectations and discovering their own paths. "The Growing Up of Cornelia" and "The Revolt of Mary Isabel" are examples.
  • Humor and wit: Montgomery infuses her stories with a gentle humor and insightful observations on human nature, adding charm and depth to the characters and situations.

Some notable stories:

  • "Four Winds": A young woman yearns for adventure and independence, defying familial expectations.
  • "Margaret's Patient": A kind-hearted doctor falls for a charming but mischievous patient, leading to unexpected consequences.
  • "Missy's Room": A family copes with loss and rediscovers love through a touching ghost story.
  • "The End of the Young Family Feud": Two long-standing families finally mend their broken relationship through wit and understanding.
  • "The Millionaire's Proposal": A woman faces a life-altering decision regarding wealth and love.

Overall, "Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908" offers a delightful journey into the author's charming world, filled with captivating narratives that explore timeless themes and evoke nostalgia for simpler times.


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