Travels in the Interior of Africa — Volume 02 by

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Picking up where the first volume left off, Mungo Park continues his perilous journey through West Africa in the late 18th century. Weakened from illness and stripped of his possessions, he navigates treacherous landscapes and encounters diverse cultures.

Key elements of the second volume include:

  • Following the Niger River: Park seeks to map the course of the Niger, a major geographical mystery of the time. He faces numerous challenges, including hostile environments, encounters with hippopotami and crocodiles, and navigating through political tensions.
  • Immersion in local cultures: Park interacts with various communities, observing their customs, languages, and ways of life. He details their clothing, food, social structures, and religious practices.
  • Struggles for survival: Park endures constant threats to his safety and well-being. He suffers from hunger, fatigue, and illness, and confronts dangers like slave traders and hostile villagers.
  • Moments of triumph and despair: The volume is a rollercoaster of emotions. Park celebrates occasional moments of kindness and hospitality, while facing harrowing episodes of capture, imprisonment, and escape.
  • Reflection on colonialism and slavery: Park's observations raise questions about European expansion and the slave trade's impact on the region. He comments on the injustices faced by local populations and the complex political dynamics at play.

Volume 2 concludes with Park reaching the Niger's delta and reaching Segou, a major trading center. Despite facing capture and imprisonment, he perseveres and gathers valuable information about the river's course and the region's geography.

Overall, Travels in the Interior of Africa – Volume 2 is a captivating tale of exploration, cultural exchange, and human resilience. Park's vivid descriptions offer a window into a fascinating world, while his struggles and triumphs reflect the challenges and rewards of venturing into the unknown.


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