The Prisoner of Zenda

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Genres: Adventure
Language: English
Type: Digital

The Prisoner of Zenda is a classic adventure novel by Anthony Hope, first published in 1894. The story is set in the fictional country of Ruritania, and it follows the adventures of Rudolf Rassendyll, an Englishman who bears a striking resemblance to the king of Ruritania.

On the eve of the king's coronation, he is drugged and kidnapped by his enemies. Rassendyll is then persuaded to impersonate the king in order to prevent a civil war. He must use all of his wit and courage to stay one step ahead of the king's enemies and to ensure that the rightful heir to the throne ascends to the kingship.

The Prisoner of Zenda is a thrilling tale of adventure, intrigue, and romance. It has been adapted into film and television multiple times, and it remains one of the most popular adventure novels of all time.

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Read The Prisoner of Zenda today and embark on a thrilling adventure through the fictional country of Ruritania!

  • classic literature
  • British literature
  • swashbuckling
  • swordplay
  • mistaken identity
  • political intrigue
  • love triangle

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