The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio

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The Decameron is a collection of 100 stories told by ten young people who have fled the Black Death in Florence. The stories range from the comedic to the tragic, and they explore a wide range of themes, including love, death, and social justice.

The stories are told over ten days, each with its own theme. The first day is devoted to stories about the nobility; the second day is devoted to stories about adventures; the third day is devoted to stories about love; the fourth day is devoted to stories about courtesy; the fifth day is devoted to stories about jokes and tricks; the sixth day is devoted to stories about wit and repartee; the seventh day is devoted to stories about fables and parables; the eighth day is devoted to stories about love; the ninth day is devoted to stories about magnificent actions; and the tenth day is devoted to stories about the return to Florence.

The Decameron is a masterpiece of Italian literature. It is a rich and complex work that has been praised for its storytelling, its characterization, and its exploration of human nature.

Some of the most famous stories in The Decameron include:

  • The Tale of the Three Rings (Day 1, Story 1): A story about three friends who each own a ring that makes them invisible.
  • The Tale of the Miller, the Clerk, the Lawyer, and the Wife of Bath (Day 1, Story 3): A story about four travelers who tell each other stories to pass the time.
  • The Tale of the Deceitful Husband (Day 2, Story 10): A story about a husband who tricks his wife into thinking he is dead.
  • The Tale of Griselda (Day 10, Story 10): A story about a woman who is tested by her husband in a series of cruel and humiliating ways.
  • The Tale of Cimone (Day 10, Story 8): A story about a young man who is transformed from a brute into a gentleman by the power of love.

The Decameron has had a profound impact on Western literature. It has been translated into many languages and has been adapted into films, plays, and operas. The work continues to be studied and admired by readers and scholars around the world.

Some of the themes explored in The Decameron include:

  • Love: The Decameron is full of stories about love, both romantic and platonic. The stories explore the power of love, the challenges of love, and the many different forms that love can take.
  • Death: The Black Death is a constant presence in The Decameron. The stories often deal with the themes of death, dying, and the afterlife.
  • Social justice: The Decameron is a critical work that often challenges the social conventions of the time. The stories often feature characters from different social classes, and they explore the themes of equality and justice.

The Decameron is a complex and multifaceted work that can be interpreted in many different ways. It is a work of great literary merit that continues to be relevant and engaging today.


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