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Ghosts is a play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, first performed in 1882. It is considered one of his most powerful and disturbing plays, and it continues to be performed and debated today.

Plot Summary

The play is set in a small, Norwegian town, and it tells the story of Helene Alving, a widow who is haunted by the ghost of her deceased husband, Captain Alving. Captain Alving was a philandering alcoholic who infected his maid with syphilis. This disease was then passed on to his son, Oswald, who is now a young man suffering from the effects of the disease.

Helene Alving had kept the truth about her husband's behavior and his son's illness a secret, but she now believes that this secrecy has been a mistake. She is determined to tell her son the truth about his father, even though she knows that this will be a devastating blow for him.

The play is full of tension and suspense, and it builds to a shocking climax. It is a play about the consequences of our actions, and it asks us to confront the dark secrets that we may be hiding from ourselves.


Ghosts explores a wide range of themes, including:

  • The importance of truth: The play argues that the truth is always better than a lie, even if it is painful. Helene Alving's attempt to protect her son from the truth about his father has ultimately caused him more pain.
  • The power of the past: The play shows how the past can haunt us and prevent us from moving on with our lives. Helene Alving is haunted by the ghost of her husband, and she is unable to escape the consequences of his actions.
  • The role of heredity: The play explores the role of heredity in our lives. Oswald Alving's illness is caused by the sins of his father, and he is unable to escape his fate.
  • The importance of responsibility: The play argues that we are all responsible for our actions, and that we cannot escape the consequences of our choices. Helene Alving and Captain Alving are both responsible for the suffering of their son, and they must face the consequences of their actions.


Ghosts is considered one of Ibsen's most powerful and disturbing plays. It was controversial when it was first performed, but it has since become one of his most popular and enduring works. The play continues to be performed and debated today, and it remains relevant to our world.

Key Works

  • Ghosts (1881)
  • A Doll's House (1879)
  • Hedda Gabler (1890)
  • Peer Gynt (1867)
  • The Wild Duck (1884)


  • "We sail with a corpse in the cargo."
  • "The dead are not alive. But their deeds live. They live in us."
  • "There are no such things as ghosts. But there are people who are haunted."
  • "The truth will out."
  • "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children."


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