Histoire des salons de Paris (Tome 2/6) by duchesse d' Laure Junot Abrantès

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Genres: FR Chroniques
Language: french
Type: Digital

Second Volume of Histoire des Salons de Paris by the Duchesse d'Abrantès focuses on the period from the fall of the First French Empire to the reign of Louis-Philippe I.

This volume delves into the social and intellectual landscape of Paris during a tumultuous era marked by political upheavals and cultural shifts. The salons, which were private gatherings hosted by influential women, emerged as crucial hubs for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas.

The Duchesse d'Abrantès, a keen observer of her time, paints vivid portraits of these salons and the remarkable individuals who frequented them. She offers insights into the political intrigues, literary trends, and artistic movements that shaped 19th-century French society.

Key themes explored in this volume include:

  • The evolving role of women in French society
  • The impact of the French Revolution on intellectual and cultural life
  • The rise of Romanticism and other artistic movements
  • The political tensions and social transformations of the Restoration and July Monarchy

Through the lens of the salons, the Duchesse d'Abrantès provides a captivating glimpse into a pivotal period in French history. Her work serves as a valuable resource for understanding the complex interplay between politics, culture, and society during this era.

Here are some additional details about the book:

  • Original publication date: 1837
  • Genre: Historical memoir
  • Notable figures: Madame de Staël, Madame Récamier, Benjamin Constant, François-René de Chateaubriand
  • Significant events: Congress of Vienna, Restoration, July Revolution


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